Empowering the masonry industry through training, resources, and events.


In an effort to define the quality of workmanship and materials, the Arizona Masonry Council has developed three levels of quality:


When used alone, this Standard is advisory, and its use is optional. When this Standard is included by reference in the Contract Document specifications, this Standard becomes a part thereof.

Workforce Development

Specification Reviews

Ensure architectural firms’ master masonry specifications are in line with current masonry material standards, code references, terminology and construction practices and include reference to AMG Standard 107 – Levels of Quality and AMG Certified Block Testing Program.

Resource to Engineering Community

AMC will be a resource by providing design assistance, technical service and in some cases project-specific consultation and hands-on training in masonry design software. Our collective goal is to assist owners/designers in the design of the buildings that satisfy building code requirements and design objectives while taking full advantage of the efficiencies of structural masonry.

Design Energy Efficient Concrete Masonry Structures Series

Provide designers with guidance on how to design code-compliant and energy-efficient concrete masonry structures utilizing resources like COMcheck and allowable mass wall exemption allowed by code.

Plan Review & Building Inspector Education Series

Provide building inspectors, plan reviewers and inspectors with the latest information on masonry code changes.

Fire Safety / Non-Combustible Systems Programs

An educational presentation and PR campaign focused on increasing awareness of concrete masonry’s non-combustible properties and its importance in creating affordable, safe and secure structures.

Masonry Technology Education Series

Provide A/E/GCs with training on the latest masonry technologies (programs/apps) such as Masonry iQ, Direct Design, Ele Masonry and BIM-M to streamline and simplify designing with concrete masonry.

Social Media Strategy

Development and implementation of comprehensive social media engagement strategy to promote the benefits and advantages of concrete masonry.